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Founded in 2009, the company “SEC”  SEC has offices in shanghai, .In order to maintain the highest quality of our services, :CU-TR certificate,EAC certification,Certificate of conformity GOST R,VoluntaryGOST R CertificateGOST-R Certificate for Single Shipment1-year GOST R certificate,3-year GOST R certificateFire safety certificateHygienic certificatePermit of RostechnadzorCertification of Measuring InstrumentsRegistration certificate of medical equipment RoszdravnadzorCertificate of Conformity Ex with Ex-marking equipmentVehicle Type Approval(Otts),Issuance of EURO 5  certificates,The certificate of Gosstroy,Technical terms,Letter of refusal(VNIIS),Ukraine Certificate of Conformity Ukrsepro,Voluntary Ukrsepro Certificate,Certificate for One-Time Delivery,Ukraine  Permit To Use CertificateKazakhstan GOST K Quality Certificate,GGTN K Gosstandart of Kazakhstan,Metrology,Hygenic K,Ecology certificate,Belarussia GOST B Certificate of Conformity,Gospromnadzor Permit for operation Metrology,(Pattern Approval) Certificate,Technical Passport,Uzbekista GOST U Certificate of Conformity,Uzbekistan  Permit To Use Certificate ,Technical Passport,Republic of Belarus (RB) Certification

Our work is characterized by high responsibility and quality of performance at every stage of order execution, with individual attention paid to every client when discussing schedule times, cost optimization, method and time of payment, submission of production samples, site visits, and so on.

For your convenience, we provide a toll-free phone connection at 400-680-2778 within china. Our key priority is to relieve our clients from hurdles of technical paperwork.   We strive to win loyalty from our clients and reward them with discounts and expedited processing when they return. 

Russia Ukraine Kazakhstan
-CU-TR Certificate of Conformity (EAC mark)
-CU-TR Declaration Certificate (EAC mark)
-Gost R “Certificate of Conformity

-GOST-R Declaration of Conformity
-TR Technical Regulations “Certificate of Conformity”
-CU-TR Ex Proof Certificate of Conformity
-Letter of Refusal
-Hygienic Report/ State Registration
-Fire Safety Certificate
-RTN Rostekhnadzor Permit to Use
-Pattern Approval (Metrology Certificate)
-UkrSepro Certificate of Conformity
-UkrSepro Hijven
-Ukr Fire Safety Certificate
-GGTN Gosgorpromnadzor Approval
-Medical Approval
-Radio Frequency Approval
-Approval for Measuring
-Gost K Certificate of Conformity
-GGTN K (Gosgortechnadzor)
-Technical passport 

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